A report that a New Zealand woman has died while trying to take a selfie with an alligator is likely to be fake news.

The report, first on The Florida Sun Post, said a 26-year-old tourist had been dragged into the water by an alligator when she tried to take a selfie with near the University of Western Florida.

The story was picked up by a news outlet here in New Zealand.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade told the Herald it had not heard anything about the incident.


"According to the witness, the New Zealand tourist, who is yet to be formally named, deviated from the trail despite being warning by several locals that the gator may attack," the Sun Post report said.

There were no posts of the incident on the University of Western Florida website or any of its social media sites.

The Florida Sun Post had recently been caught out with other fake news posts.

One was about a Miami millionaire accidentally marrying his teenage daughter.