Two teenage boys have been referred to Youth Aid for their part in Friday night's attack on a Kaikohe service station - after they were brought in to the police station by their mum.

The boys, aged 15 and 14 years old, were brought in to the station today. They have been referred to Youth Aid for shoplifting and wilful damage following the disorder on Friday night.

Another youth was identified and spoken to be police on Monday, after his grandmother passed on his name when she recognised him in CCTV footage. Five young people have now been identified in relation to the incident.

Another two young people were dealt with by police on Friday night and they too have been referred to Youth Aid.


Inquiries are ongoing into other people who may have been involved. Police say they are following positive lines of inquiry.

"We're really thankful to the whanau members for their help," said Inspector Al Symonds of Northland Police.

"They do not want this type of behaviour in the Kaikohe community and the community will no doubt see this as a positive sign."

There will be an increased police presence focusing on youth activity in the Kaikohe area over the next few weekends, using existing staff. Police are also reviewing their deployment plan for where and when officers are deployed in Kaikohe.