A child has been videoed jumping off a train crossing the Waikato River at Ngaruawahia.

Authorities have long tried to prevent the public from walking on the bridge, without success: despite the risks, it remains a popular place for people to jump into the river.

The video shows the child leaping towards the river while the north-bound train moves slowly across the bridge.

In 2002, Jayden Nerihana Tepu, aged 9, died when he slipped while on the bridge and was hit by a train.


The video shot yesterday was posted on the "Kiwi Az Bro" page on Facebook.

Mihikorama Matika commented on the page: "Yup, we [don't] give a [f***] .. it's our own risk.. that's how we do it in ngaraz [Ngaruawahia] ... happy to see it's still the same from when we were jumping ..."

The police said they were called to two disorder incidents yesterday afternoon at the rail bridge in Ngaruawahia.

"The [incidents] were in relation to a group of kids stopping trains and throwing rocks at trains.

"Police attended and moved the group along."