Kiri Gilbert is proud to be from Wairoa.

"I'm really passionate about Wairoa, Wairoa people, the whole community," he says.

So, the 29-year-old butcher has written a song about it.

"I made the song up to just try to uplift the town, because I'm proud to be where I come from, anyone who asks me I just say Wairoa from the top of my lungs."


And he wants others to be proud too.

When Mr Gilbert extended a Facebook invitation to the community it quickly gained traction.

He said, in a video he posted to his page: "We need the power of Wairoa... I don't want the Wairoa song to be from Kiri Gilbert, I want the Wairoa song to be from Wairoa itself."

Even schools got amongst the action.

Statistics New Zealand figures show Wairoa's population is nearly 8,000. It's dropped seven percent since the 2006 census.

"I reckon anytime is the right time to uplift any community... I just hope that we all carry it on," Mr Gilbert says.

Creative New Zealand granted $1200 towards recording the song and locals have chipped in too.

It's not the first time the muso has harnessed his singing talent for a good cause. Known for fronting a local environment group, he's also previously backed an anti-amalgamation song.

Hine Flood of Tairawhiti REAP, who also knows Mr Gilbert through the community says: "We could all learn from Kiri, and I know that for a fact."

The song is expected to be finished in about a month and a music video is on the cards too.

The stars - of course - will be the people of Wairoa.

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