A St Clair shop owner says she has seen someone die in a traffic crash and she fears she may see another fatality outside her shop.

Dunedin's Forbury Rd Four Square owner Sandra Miller, who has owned the shop for 16 years, said accidents happened almost monthly.

"If they don't crash, it is near-misses.

"So far this year I have called the ambulance twice."


Miller's comments followed a three-car crash on the corner of Bay View and Forbury Rds yesterday morning.

Emergency services and three tow trucks attended the crash, a police spokeswoman said.

Police investigations were continuing and charges could be laid, she said.

An ambulance attended the crash but was not needed.

The frequency of crashes outside her shop meant Miller had to be prepared to assist people who were often distraught and in shock.

"We've got what we call the accident blanket and a kit at the ready.

"I've seen a person die in an accident and you just feel totally helpless.

"That's my biggest fear. I'm thankful everyone [today] has been alive."

Dunedin City Council acting group transport manager Richard Saunders said 11 crashes had been recorded at the intersection since 2011.

"We are aware that the Bay View-Forbury-Allandale intersection has proved troublesome in the past and we are already working towards making safety improvements there."

The main problems related to vehicle movements in and out of carparks in the built-up area, and lines of sight at busy times.

The council had done an initial safety assessment and was considering possible improvements.

Public feedback on any proposed changes would be sought "in the near future", Saunders said.

Miller believed speed bumps and a lower speed limit on roads surrounding the intersection could prevent further crashes.