Police have admitted that a "human error" was made after they failed to tell a South Auckland school about the attempted abduction of a 7-year-old girl.

The child was allegedly pulled into a car on her way home from Te Matauranga school in Clendon Park on February 22.

She managed to escape and fled to a nearby neighbour.

Te Matauranga principal Jane Wallis told Fairfax that she had to contact Police two days after to find out what happened. Wallis was horrified when she spoke to Police and all they could tell her was that they had a file on the case.


"The child's teacher asked why she was away the day before, she said her mother had kept her off school to take her to the doctor after she had been dragged into a car and escaped," she said.

"It's normal practice to inform the school ... I was pretty horrified by it all."

Wallis said she was unhappy with the police response and communication to the school in letting them know where the investigation was at. Wallis then sent a letter home to parents letting them know about the incident. She also informed other local schools.

Counties Manukau Central acting area commander Inspector Dave Glossop said it was human error that the school wasn't contacted like it should have been. The school contacted police a few days after the incident. Glossop has since spoken to Wallis to assure her it was a "conspiracy of circumstances that led to them not being informed".

"[The Police officers] did everything right but they had not followed protocol in relation to advising the school.

"It is unfortunate that that happened."

Fairfax reported that parents felt like "we don't matter" after an attempted abduction in St Helliers made it into the news days later.

Glossop wanted to assure the community that that wasn't the case. A media release had intentionally not been issued because details of the attempted abduction had not been confirmed.

"Unfortunate the reality is we're not sure of the exact details around the complaint. We're still trying to piece together how it unfolded.

"I don't like the assertion that we treat anybody any different. I've got three girls myself. We take this seriously."

The girl had been interviewed by a specialist interviewer on the day. She was scheduled in for another interview today but Police had not been able to locate her.