Residents are fed up with animal guts being dumped in Castlecliff waterways.

David Lockey said he discovered more sheep waste in the Karaka waterway on his morning walk on Monday.

"It is the second time in the last fortnight I've found animal waste in this spot - not to mention the five or six televisions dumped nearby a few weeks ago and the continual garden and rubbish waste we find."

Mr Lockey reported the dumping to the Whanganui District Council and it was cleared Monday afternoon.


Compliance officer Clive Whitham, who helped remove the waste, said dumping animal waste was an unfortunate occurrence which happened from time to time.

"If we are aware of it, the council will remove illegally dumped rubbish as soon as possible. We are pleased to report a reduction of this behaviour in the past few months."

Mr Lockey said he had spoken with other residents who had similar concerns.

"It is very sad that this keeps happening. After speaking with another resident, we think the sheep have been stolen and the remains dumped here.

"It seems Castlecliff has to turned into a dumping ground for people who don't want to pay waste removal fees."

Mike Dickison, curator of natural history at the Whanganui Regional Museum, said it was a shame as the Department of Conservation, council and locals had started restoration management of those waterways.

"The Karaka waterway is one of the few areas in Whanganui inhabited by banded kokopu fish and there has been a lot of work done to keep them alive."

Dr Dickison thought the best prevention would be to organise a community watch group.

View of animal guts dumped in the waterway alongside Seafront Rd in Castlecliff. Photo/Emma Russell
View of animal guts dumped in the waterway alongside Seafront Rd in Castlecliff. Photo/Emma Russell

"There are residents who have houses overlooking the waterway and I know many locals walk their dogs along the gravel road next to it. It would be good if we could catch the culprit dumping the mess."

Mr Whitham said people who see the dumping of animal waste or any other illegally dumped rubbish should record the person's vehicle registration plate and any other details which may help identify them and report it to the police.

"The council has the authority to infringe the person if we can track them down," he said.