The partner of a woman who died in the giant November earthquake has released footage of the damage caused to their North Canterbury log cabin.

Jo-Anne Mackinnon, 55, died after the magnitude-7.8 quake hit in the early hours of November 14 last year.

The cause of her death is still to be determined.

Her partner, well-known Mt Lyford man, Gary Morton has now posted a video showing the damage to their Mt Lyford log cabin home, in the mountains 140 kilometres north of Christchurch.


"This is my log cabin at Mt Lyford after the 7.8 earthquake [14.11.16] my partner was killed in," an intro to the video posted on YouTube says.

Morton says the cabin lifted 2.55 metres in the vicious ground shaking and was "just to [sic] much for the log cabin to handle".

The camera moves throughout the home, showing cracked walls, broken wood, items tipped upside down, and destruction throughout.

Mother-of-two Mackinnon was farewelled in Kaikoura, where she was buried in a family plot, on November 23.