A community is rallying to help raise funds for the unpaid hours volunteer firefighters worked battling the Port Hills blaze last month.

What started as a suggestion on the Governors Bay community Facebook page has developed into a Givealittle page that has raised $6300 in a week.

Givealittle page organisers Nicola Graham, Sally-Ann Fitzhardinge and other members of the Facebook group set up the donation page because they wanted to give back to the volunteer firefighters.

She said they could not bear the thought of firefighters working many hours and their businesses suffering as well.


"A lot of families may not be able to eat if they do not bring home their weekly wage, I could not bear the possibility that might be the same for our firefighters.

"Our firefighters looked after our homes and lives, we had to repay them."

She said the donors had been "tremendously generous" with the amount donated so far.

The donations are typically in the hundreds of dollars but one donor gave $1500.

Chief fire officer Andrew Norris said at least half of his firefighters were self-employed and others took time off work to fight the Port Hills blaze.

He said they were all surprised by the gesture.

"The donations for their pay is not usual, but most welcome by the guys and girls who lost income," said Norris.

It is the first time he had encountered a situation like this so was unsure how they would split the money between the firefighters.

However, it will definitely be given to the firefighters as intended, he said.

"We are truly grateful to the people that set [the page] up and to the donors as well."

Those wishing to donate can do so at the Governors Bay Volunteer Fire Brigade or at https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/govbaysaysthanks.

The Givealittle page closes on March 18.