Police are investigating a motorcyclist who posted on social media a photograph of themselves travelling more than twice the speed limit.

The image, which originated on a Facebook page and had been passed on to police, appeared to show a motorcycle travelling in Central Otago at 239km/h.

The image was posted in response to a Queenstown resident who had complained about locals using their cellphones while driving.

''If I had a gold coin for every time I saw a driver with a phone against his or her ear, I'd be able to afford rent in Queenstown,'' the post said.


In response, the motorcyclist posted the photograph - which apparently was taken on a cellphone - with a message and a laughing emoji.

''Stop whingeing - it's safe as houses,'' the rider's response said.

Otago Lakes Central area road policing manager Senior Sergeant Glenn Wilkinson said the speed displayed in the photograph was ''extremely'' concerning.

''Police can confirm they are investigating the post and are extremely concerned with the high speed displayed in the photo,'' Snr Sgt Wilkinson said.

''In 2016, 25% of fatal crashes in the Southern district involved motorcyclists and speed was a factor in many of these.

''This is extremely concerning and police urge motorists to check their speed and keep our roads safe.''