One company who understands the pain of having a mobile phone stolen has offered to give Jason Christensen a new one for free.

NZ Mobiles dealer principal Robin K Babu said he felt sorry for Mr Christensen after reading his phone was taken while helping at a crash scene, so wanted to help.

"All he was doing was trying to help and then some low life took his phone. It happens to a lot of our customers and I understand the pain they go through," Mr Babu said.

Mr Christensen was parked on the side of the road when he heard the crash at the intersection of Eastbourne St and Nelson St in Hastings so rushed to the scene.


He said one woman who had an airbag deployed in her face was pretty worse for wear so he crouched down next to her to make sure she was okay.

In the process his phone slipped out of his pocket and was never to be seen again.

"I noticed about 10 minutes later when I was managing traffic so I got the police officer to call it but it went straight to answer machine. Someone had immediately turned it off."

Mr Babu had offered to give Mr Christensen a new phone with additional services added for free.

"We know it can't bring his old one back but we just had to help the poor guy and make the transition as easy as we can.

"Setting up a phone with everything is usually quite hard so we have offered to help with data migration if it is backed up to a Google or Samsung account."

Mr Christensen was overwhelmed by the offer.

He never expected this to happen but was "stoked" with the response.

"It is pretty awesome to be offered this and to know people care, so thank you so much."

There was still no sign of the phone being handed in to police and Mr Christensen had heard nothing from those who shared his post on Facebook either.

He said the wait continued.