A person is dead after a car and motorbike collided on Auckland's North Shore this morning.

Police said the motorcyclist was killed.

A motorcycle lies on its side in the middle of the road at the intersection of Archers Rd and Coronation Rd in Glenfield, where a large tarpaulin has been erected between a fire engine and the car.

The vehicle remains behind the tarpaulin.


Five people are on the side of Coronation Rd, some talking to police.

Fire Service northern shift manager Megan Ruru said the crash happened at 11.15am and firefighters had to free a person trapped under the vehicle.

Cordons are in place at Glenfield Rd and Coronation Rd, Agincourt St and Archers Rd, and Mt Batten Ave and Coronation Rd.

The serious crash unit is examining the scene.

Police are informing the victim's next of kin.

Archers Rd is closed to traffic about 100m before the intersection with Coronation Rd and a number of cars are being asked to turn around.

A man who lives near where the crash happened on Coronation Rd said he heard a screech and then a loud crash.

He was at the dairy across the road when the accident happened and is unable to go home until the scene is cleared.

The resident did not wish to be named but said the intersection is notorious for crashes.

"There was an accident just last week."

Another man who arrived at the scene just moments after the crash agreed it was a dangerous intersection.

The man, who did not want his name used, said he had been in touch with the council several times to try to have something done to make the intersection safer.