Christchurch residents are being asked to conserve water where they can while water levels are restored following the Port Hills fires.

There has been heavy demand on the water supply network as a result of firefighters battling the blaze, and some damage to water pipes.

Civil Defence is asking people to conserve water to give the water levels and reservoirs time to recover.

While there were not any reported flare ups over the weekend, about 20 crews still worked to strengthen the fire containment lines with heavy machinery, supported by helicopters and ground operations.


Infra-red and thermal imagine drones were used overnight to identify hotspots. Results showed very hot temperatures in a pine forest north of Marleys Hill.

Firecrews were monitoring this closely for potential flare-ups. Hotspots were also identified at the Adventure Park, which was also being monitored.

Principal Rural Fire Officer Darrin Woods said the use of drones was a great asset to crews.

"I can't understate the value of this technology. Drone footage and the thermal maps enable fire crews to directly target the hot-spots in areas that have been scanned."

Three cordons remained on Dyers Pass Rd, however residents were permitted access to the area. Preparations were underway to have the road open as soon as possible.

The cordons at Worsleys Rd, Kennedys Bush Rd and Hoon Hay Valley Rd had been relaxed for residents only.