Are you facing being alone on Valentines Day?

The Auckland Council is promising singletons they will never be alone again if they adopt a dog from one of its shelters, in Silverdale, Henderson and Manukau.

"Dogs are the best Valentine's gift to yourself, your family or a friend," said Auckland councillor Cathy Casey, who is chair of the Auckland Council Community Development and Safety Committee.

"They last much longer than roses, they're prettier, sometimes they even smell better. Best of all they give you unconditional love - their whole heart - and you have the added feel-good factor of knowing you are rescuing a dog in need."


Auckland shelter dogs come in all shapes, sizes, breeds, ages and temperaments, to suit all kinds of families and households.

This week, the Manukau shelter is looking after Fred, a 2-year-old cairn terrier-cross.

"How can you resist this gorgeous wee boy?" Casey asked.

"In return for a bit of dog food and a spot at the end of your bed, he'll give you his undying devotion, boundless love and the kind of cuddles that make you feel warm right down to your bones."

She said Fred was a "joyful dog who loves to play ball, gets on well with other dogs and doesn't seem to mind the shelter's resident cat".

She added: "He'll never say no to a belly rub or cuddle, and he has his basic obedience skills sorted."

As with all Auckland Council shelter dogs over 6 months old, it costs $270 to adopt Fred, which includes micro-chipping, desexing, registration and worm and flea treatment. He will also have had his first vaccination and a vet check.

The new owner will also have to have a fully fenced section or suitable containment area.

To adopt

• Manukau Animal Shelter (09) 261 8033 or visit 33 McLaughlin's Rd, Wiri.

• Henderson Animal Shelter (09) 836 7777 or visit 48 The Concourse, Henderson.

• Silverdale Animal Shelter (09) 421 0222 or visit 47 Tavern Road, Silverdale.

Kennels are open for viewing during weekdays from 10.15am to 4.15pm and weekends/public holidays from 11am to 3pm.