A 53-year-old man has been arrested after several cars parked near Wellington Airport had their tyres punctured or slashed in recent months in an ongoing feud over parking.

Tensions were growing around Kauri St in early December where freeloading travellers were said to be clogging the road to avoid paying for parking at the airport.

Police had received 10 complaints of wilful damage in the 10 days to December 6 on Kauri St alone, and it was believed another 40 incidents might have happened in the surrounding area.

Police said today a man had been charged with criminal damage and would appear in Wellington District Court next week.


Police said the arrests followed the investigation driven by members of the Kilbirnie community police team.

They thanked community leaders and residents who supported the investigation.

Miramar Maupuia Progressive Association chairwoman Robin Boldarin said in December residents were getting frustrated.

Sometimes you can't move because of cars there. You go, well there must be a real attraction somewhere.

"But the cars are just left there while their owners trot off to the airport.

"It's a cheapskate sort of attitude. Don't want to afford a taxi or bus fare."

She said tyre slashing was going too far, however.

"I wouldn't mind if they let the tyres down, but slashing them is a different thing again. I certainly wouldn't encourage that."