• 15000 Auckland homes without power at the peak of the storm. 3000 facing a second night in the dark

• Twelve passengers had to be evacuated after a tree came down on a train near Papatoetoe, none were injured

• Three people were injured after a tree fell on the car they were driving in on the Southern Motorway. Two of the motorists remained in hospital in a stable condition.

• A 250-tonne buoy broke its mooring and washed up on Ngamotu Beach in New Plymouth after strong winds that left more than 1500 homes without power in Taranaki.

• Flights cancelled in Wellington where part of Vivian St was cordoned off due to glass falling from a building. A gust of 140km/h was recorded at Mt Kaukau.

• A car was blown off the road on SH2 at the Pakipaki roundabout after gale-force winds hit in Hawkes Bay. A 160km/h gust was recorded at Mahia Peninsula at 10am.

• A gust of wind ripped a wedding reception marquee out of the ground and left it in shreds in South Taranaki

The cleanup continues tonight following the storm that has left thousands of residents without power.

In Auckland, at least 3000 homes are still believed to be without power and arborists are working into the night to try and clear debris.

Some residents told the Herald they are becoming frustrated after 24 hours in the dark.

Maria Lovelock had about 40 people at her Kawakawa Bay house on Saturday night for her husband's 50th when the power went out.


Now, they have three fridges full of food which could go to waste.

"Last night was okay. We put candles out and made the most of it, but now we've still got dishes all over the bench because we can't wash them, we're flushing the toilet with sea water, and we've got so much extra food we wouldn't normally have.

"There's hundreds of dollars worth [of food] we're going to have to throw out."

Lovelock hadn't seen any trees down affecting powerlines in the area - or any Vector vans in the area doing repairs.

"It's been such a long time.... We would have bought extra ice but we were told the power would be back on at 12pm, then we were told it would be back on by the evening.

"Now, we've been told we'll be updated at 11.30pm which we've basically taken to mean another night without power."

A Sandringham resident with an 18-month-old daughter, who asked not to be named, said being without power was "really frustrating".

"We've been out of the house all day because we don't have any hot water here and only candles for light.

"We went out to a restaurant for dinner and got my daughter's bottle heated up there because we couldn't do it at home."

The resident said half of his street appeared to have electricity, while the other half was still in the dark.

He wasn't sure when power was expected to be fully restored to his street.

Blockhouse Bay resident Sandra Ellison was also without power. She said they were "using camping skills" to get by.

She lived with her mother, who was in her mid 70s, and a 12-week-old puppy.

Herald readers reported having no power for more than 24 hours in New Lynn, Wiri, Clevedon, Papakura and at Orere Point.

A Vector spokeswoman said at 9pm she wasn't able to confirm the exact number of houses without power, or when it would be fully restored.

Matt Baird, of Auckland Tree Masters, has been flat out with a colleague removing toppled trees since a call at 10.30pm on Saturday.

At 7pm this evening he had just removed a tree that had fallen over into another tree in St Johns and was about to attend a substantial branch that had crashed over a fence and house in New Windsor, followed by a tree half lifted out of the ground in Massey.

He has other bookings in Otahuhu and Manurewa.

"I'm reasonably busy," said Baird, who did not expect to finish work until 10pm tonight, despite having worked through the night.

Last night's storm did not rank with a storm that ripped through West Auckland four years ago, but was pretty reasonable, he said.