Kiwis seeking a high need look no further than the internet, where cannabis and other drugs are now being advertised on websites such as Craigslist.

The website not only offers the usual sales - vehicles, furniture and electronics, it also has listings for things you probably wouldn't find on Trade Me. Think used underwear, hookups, and various types of illegal drugs.

Numerous sellers have advertisements up on the site with pictures of weed or other drugs, many advertising it as "medical marijuana".

Craigslist is an American classifieds website that has now spread to New Zealand. It has options to buy and sell in Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin and Wellington. The items showed up under a Christchurch search.


According to Craigslist's terms of use a range of items are prohibited on the site, including weapons, firearms, prescription drugs and "controlled substances and related items".

Most of the advertisement tell buyers to download messaging service Kik and look up the seller's name.

Names sellers use include "buykush", "topbud1", and "livankush".

A police spokesman said police were aware there were "a number of avenues" offenders were selling illicit drugs through, including social media sites.

"Police investigate these incidents on a case by case basis.

"Police are concerned with any avenue people use to sell or buy illicit drugs and we will continue to follow up on any reports we receive."

Craigslist has been contacted for comment.