Halswell residents are fed up with boy racers, after fresh burnout marks found by a community patrol indicate speeding car problems in Halswell could be on the rise.

But police are saying unless they are contacted the issue cannot be resolved.

Both Senior Sergeant Pete Stills and Community Constable Deborah Smalley said they have not been contacted about speeding cars in the area.

Concern has been raised on the Halswell Community Group Facebook page over the number of drivers speeding through narrow roads in the suburb.


Santa Rosa Ave, Wales St, Checketts Ave and Balcairn St have been identified as recent streets for speeding cars, leaving residents concerned about the safety of their children.

Comments included: "They do it every day on Wales St right near the kindergarten", "we see it in Checketts Ave . . . often thought off sitting out there with some old bricks," and "there's a dick driving a Nissan 4×4 that always screams past our place in Balcairn St".

But Constable Smalley said unless the residents can get the registration number and evidence the issue is ongoing, it is difficult for police to follow up effectively.

"If there is a pattern to it . . . we want to know and then we can put something in place. But at this stage it doesn't seem to have been reported," she said.

The Hornby Community Patrol went out recently patrolling Wigram, Hornby - leaving Halswell for last.

The patrol's secretary Ann Smith said the patrol found a lot of boy racer-type burnout marks where Wales St becomes Ensign St, something she had not seen in the area before.

She said the markings were "relatively new" near the Balcairn St, Ensign St intersection while marks on the same street near Dunbars Rd were more faded.

But Mrs Smith said other than finding burnout marks the Halswell, Wigram, Hornby area was "really quiet."


Former Lancewood Drive resident Robin Gray, who used to do the community patrol for the south-west of the city, said the problem boils down to there not being enough police manning the roads.

"I have travelled up and down Halswell Rd and Lincoln Rd for the last five years, and I have never seen a speed camera in the area. By that I mean a car sitting with a speed camera operating," he said.

Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board member Debbie Mora is also urging residents to call the police and record offenders on their phone.

"We are fortunate we have a good community Facebook page where people tend to actually look after each other . . . but the police don't monitor that page so it is really important that the police are contacted," she said.