A tweet from more than four years ago which blossomed into romance had its sequel at the weekend, when Dan Faulknor and Becky Lieshout were married in Dunedin.

Mr Faulknor (25) and Mrs Faulknor (23) initially met through Twitter, he at the time being in Napier and she in Invercargill, then later Dunedin, where she has been a student at the University of Otago.

Four years on, in cahoots with Irish comedian Ed Byrne via Twitter, Mr Faulknor arranged a secret on-stage proposal in front of a Glenroy Auditorium audience of 400 in Dunedin, last May.

More than 100 attended the couple's wedding on Saturday at St Patrick's church in South Dunedin. A honeymoon is being planned for the future.


The pair are still avid fans of Twitter.

"Absolutely, we're still Twitter users ... everyone at our table were Twitter users," Mr Faulknor said.

The couple will remain in Dunedin for the time being, where Mr Faulknor works in IT and Mrs Faulknor has just graduated with a master's degree in primary school teaching.