Alex Mcleod is taking to the sky to help the Whanganui Awa Paddlers team train for Te Wānanga o Aotearoa Waka Ama Sprint Nationals later this month.

The Whanganui man flies a drone above the paddlers as they train, capturing video footage but also data such as speed.

"Basically the whole idea was just to try and help the kids do well in their training," Mr Mcleod said.

"[It's] so they can see what they look like out on the water and what they're doing and how they can work better together as a team to become more synchronised.


"It's always good for the kids to be able to review what they're up to and then they can see where they're going wrong and we can really focus them on areas they need to improve in."

Mr Mcleod runs three drones including a water-proof one which can withstand rain and land on water.

"We want to be able to get footage any time or day, whenever the kids are out on the water."

Coach Seletar Filo said the drone was big part of training and it helped analyse the paddlers' technique.

"Because in waka, those are the things that make the difference," she said.

"We can tell them things but when they actually see themselves it actually makes a big difference to what they want to achieve and do.

"We're pretty blessed to have this guy with his gadgets come and join us. The results for the kids is going to be phenomenal."