Police are cracking down on drivers caught cutting corners.

Over a 45 minute period on December 29, police photographed at least 6 vehicles crossing the centreline on a blind corner on Carrington Street in New Plymouth.

Taranaki Area Prevention Manager Senior Sergeant Karley Hunt said all of those incidents, as well as others seen but not photographed, could have had devastating consequences if a car was coming the other way at the same time.

She said it is time people took this seriously and stopped taking risks behind the wheel.


"For the sake of your family, my family and the wider community family - please drive safely," she said.

New Plymouth Police will now play close attention to the dangerous driving occurring on Carrington Street.

Senior Sergeant Hunt said they will be following up with all drivers identified to discuss their risky driving behaviour, as well as actively patrolling this area and enforcing when appropriate.

She said cutting blind corners to get somewhere faster is not worth the risk of someone losing their life or causing other unnecessary harm and victimisation to people in our community.

The infringement fee for failing to keep left is $150 and also comes at a cost of 20 demerit points.