A Gisborne family have made a plea for the return of their stolen husky as they worry that her "dognappers" will carry out their threat to kill the dog if they do not meet ransom demands.

Maya, an 11-year-old husky, was stolen from her home three days ago in Hirini Street, Kaiti, and the owners say they received a visit yesterday from someone connected to those who took her.

"The person who came to our house told us they would not release our dog and would like to negotiate her release," the owner told the Gisborne Herald.

"We were told that if we do not meet those terms they will kill her.


"Those were almost the exact words he used."

The owners have asked people to be on the lookout for their girl.

"Please everyone keep an eye out for Maya," the owner said.

"She might be in a yard next door to you or might be walking down the road with someone.

"Please help us get her home, as she is missed very much," she said.

"She is very old for a husky and she will be stressing out.

"Please help us get her home to our whanau."

The family contacted the police about the matter and were told it would be investigated.


"We were able to give police a good description of the person who came to our house."

- Gisborne Herald