A Waikato farm girl who took to social media to find love has turned down 500 offers from potential suiters for a chance to appear on reality TV.

Dairy farmer Marcella Bakker, 24, shared a modelling shot and her story to NZ Farming's Facebook page in September.

Despite attracting more than 250,000 views and a number of offers, Bakker has ditched her search for a rural man and applied for The Bachelor NZ.

She has made the final stages of casting and said she is doing "relatively well".


"I am in it for love, definitely."

When asked about her success on Farming NZ's Facebook, Bakker said it wasn't quite what she was looking for.

"A lot of people have been contacting me," Bakker told NZ Herald Focus.

"It hasn't been successful...I haven't actually found anyone. I had plenty of response but probably not what I was looking for," said Bakker.

The farm girl said a lot of the responses were from men who were divorced or had children.

"That's not what I was looking for.

"I just want someone who's intelligent and has their own goals and ambitions in life."

When asked about the quality of men in the farming world Bakker reckons some need to learn manners and upskill.


"Maybe I am too fussy but you're allowed to be if it's for a long term partner. I think you should be fussy, you shouldn't just settle for anything."

"I do wonder what's wrong with me if I can't attract the right people. I seem to attract a lot of the wrong people, so I must be putting a bad vibe out there somehow."

Bakker's post on NZ Farmer outlined the exact bachelor she could be looking for.

"A nice farming guy" to partner up with. A "kind man" that has "respect for himself and women". And she shares that she loves the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and having "a good yarn".