The head of an Auckland daycare where a child died is speaking out for the first time.

Aldrich Viju died just over a week ago at Angels Daycare in Takapuna.

His death's been described by police has a tragic accident, but the four-year-old's family say they want answers.

Centre manager Bryan McCloughan said they've been keeping the family informed, and met a family representative on Saturday. He says he's now speaking out publicly to counteract the misinformation that's been spreading.


"We met with the family and friends on Saturday at the centre, at their request.

"We tried to meet earlier but we just couldn't get it organised because of the rapid speed things were happening with the funeral, and Aldrich's father was not in a state to be able to talk to us."

He said they stood by the safety practices they used, and the police finding that the incident was a terrible accident.

"The type of apparatus that was used is through many childcare centres in New Zealand. It's been used like this all the time but it's got caught on something, which has caused the incident.

"It can all happen in 30 seconds, and this happened very quickly, and with fully trained staff.

"In trying to revive him, they did everything they could. Tag teaming, CPR, until ambulance's arrival. They just could not revive him."

Mr McCloughan says everyone has found the tragedy traumatic, and the centre is doing its best to look after those involved.

""We closed on the Monday, just to give everybody time to breathe. For some of the staff it was very traumatic, and also as a mark of respect for the family.


"Even the children around Aldrich at the time, they've seen things, so we've organised counselling for them. Also for our staff, as it's been very tragic, and they've taken it very hard."

Mr McCloughan says information is going to go back to the boy's parents in India.