Most of the country's political reporters are being evacuated from their building at Parliament due to damage caused by this month's 7.8 earthquakes.

Reporters from the Herald, Newstalk ZB, Radio New Zealand, TVNZ and Fairfax are evacuating the building, after an engineer's report stated the parts of the building meet just 20 per cent of the Building Code.

The building has been yellow-stickered as prone to earthquake damage since 2014.

Herald political editor Audrey Young said the political team of four have been asked to vacate the building.


"Several other offices have left, RNZ, TVNZ, and Fairfax.

"It is a two-storeyed brutalist concrete building and sits alongside the Beehive and above Parliament's gymnasium and swimming pool," she said.

Reporters will be working with the Speaker to try to find alternative offices at Parliament, Young said.

"I have experienced the two large Wellington earthquakes in 2013 while working in it, a 6.5 on a Sunday afternoon and a 6.6 on a Friday in August.

"And while [the building] still feels safe to some of us, in this era of heightened awareness of workplace safety, many companies are erring on the side of caution."