The Army aid convoy foiled in its attempt to reach cut-off Kaikoura by the Inland Road yesterday is making another go today.

Heavy rain yesterday brought my slips and hazards on the already treacherous road.

After spending the night in Culverden, the Army convoy of 27 vehicles set off again this morning with a roading contractor pilot vehicle.

They travelled through quake-hit Waiau and began negotiating the Inland Rd.


The heavy vehicles went one at a time across the damaged bridges.

Pace was slow as they picked their way up the cracked and at times cavernous road.

The convoy of supplies and personnel is due to arrive in Kaikoura mid afternoon.

NZ Defence Force platoon commander Melissa Mardon said said a lot of people have now been evacuated from town.

"A lot of the places are actually deserted.

"There's definitely been a few crazy aftershocks.

She said people evacuated last night are now at holiday parks in fully serviced units

"The worrying thing was some left their fires on and windows open. We went around to make sure everyone was secure.


"The road south is pretty knackered.

The Defence force have been offered crayfish and Kina from locals.

Emotional goodbyes

Children clung to their parents as a group of women and children evacuated today, leaving dad behind. They're only allowed to take one backpack each on the NH90 helicopter that will whisk them away to safety.

Kaikoura man Kaine Pickstone said an emotional goodbye to his three daughters who went to stay with family in Christchurch this morning.

He's keeping his 2-and-a-half-year-old son Jackson with him as he's "too much trouble" for family.

He said his girls, aged 6, 11 and 14, have been really good about the situation but his son was very clingy and wanted to be held continuously.

"He didn't talk for the first 20 minutes after the earthquake."

Evacuating the girls means their mum can go back to work cleaning and organising holiday homes.

Meanwhile mountains of fast food has been delivered to Kaikoura residents to put a smile on their faces.

Rob Coombes, 49, rang around the last few days getting donations from all over Nelson to bring to quake victims. He chartered a plane and took out the seats to bring it all down.

KFC, McDonalds, Dominos pizza, lollies were on the menu at the local marae.