While the American election divides a nation, it is getting between some couples too.

A Washington County couple have split their voting with the wife supporting Donald Trump while her husband batts for Hillary Clinton.

The elderly couple told CNN that after 37 years of marriage they've agreed on many things, but who should be president is not one of them.

Jackie Krachala explained her support of the Republican nominee.


"He's the best there is right now. We need somebody strong.

"We need our country that can be our country again and not be owing all the other countries."

"She's the best of the two," insisted Bill Krachala, before couching his support with a caveat.

"I don't think either one of them are capable of running a country correctly without prejudice and I believe that the experience is what counts."

CNN reporter Miguel Marquez left the interview with one simple question:

"Do you guys actually love each other?" he joked.

For Jackie, their love "trumps" politics.

"Oh yeah. What are you gonna do?" the Trump voter laughed.

As millions of American citizens march to the polls Tuesday to fulfill their constitutional duty and right, it's clear that the results of the 2016 election may divide the nation, its states, and even certain cities and towns. But is it splitting some households too?