No one is being sought in relation to a Napier man's death.

The man was found dead at a Porritt Place house after shots were heard at about 5.55am today.

Detective Senior Sergeant Marty James said police had completed a scene investigation and no one was being sought in connection to the incident.

The matter has been referred to the coroner, Mr James said.

It is understood a woman had also been at the house at the time of the shooting.


A neighbour said she heard a gunshot.

"All I remember was waking up thinking 's**t that sounded like a gunshot'."

She said her daughter had seen what looked like fighting outside the house last night. She saw a man rip out a property for sale sign and hit another person.

"She said 'oh mum, something's happening outside'.

She said while the area is usually peaceful they have had some troublemakers around.

"This house has been tagged before, but nothing like this.

"I'm not frightened I've just got that sick feeling that something has happened."

The neighbour, who has lived there for three years, said the house was sold earlier this year and is back on the market again.

Another neighbour said he heard arguing at the property yesterday.

A local businessman, who wishes to remain anonymous, said his wife heard a "crack" at about 5.30am.

"My wife thought it was a bit of timber breaking."

The man, who has lived in the area for 40 years, said the area was "not normally trouble" and he had had very few problems in his time.

This morning a couple of neighbours watched on as three detectives entered the property - one carrying a plastic bag of items.

The property had been up for sale.

One neighbour said he understood the son of the owner may have been staying there, but police had not confirmed that.