An anonymous driver has added insult to injury by denting a Christchurch paramedic's car, then leaving her a note calling her car a "piece of s***".

Hannah Sheath, 38, was finishing up an overnight shift at the St John Ambulance station in St Martins when she discovered the note on her car, which included comments on the cleanliness of her vehicle and criticism of her parking.

"Sorry I pulled into your St John station driveway to complete a U Turn when I hit your car," the note began.

"I have only left a message because someone witnessed me bumping into your car. It's a piece of s*** anyway so you won't notice the dent."


Sheath said the note went on to say if she hadn't been parked illegally on yellow lines, the driver would not have hit it, and "by the way, you need to clean the inside of your car".

Sheath said she was parked on St John property, and the faded lines she was parked on were part of an old disability car park from when the property was owned by a different organisation. She was not illegally parked.

"I was pretty gutted," she said. "I just kind of thought 'oh, someone's left me a note', then it was like 'you're kidding me'."

While the damage was "minimal" it was the principle of the matter that bothered her.

Sheath questioned why the note-writer could not have simply left a note apologising, instead of insulting her as well.

"It's like, man, I just slogged my guts off doing a night shift on the ambulance, it's hard work and it's really tiring."

She was bewildered at the insult to her car, saying her 1995 Honda CRV was "not a piece of s***".

"I've seen some piece of s***s out there and this isn't one of them."


She would "probably" fix the dent, depending on the cost. Sheath has car insurance but was unsure whether the excess fee would be worth paying for the cost of fixing the dent.

"It runs really well . . . it's not a hideous looking car."

While Sheath had now "had a sleep" she was still a bit annoyed.

"I think I'm just annoyed that you're in the wrong, but you're going to insult me."