A prestigious hair salon is backing efforts to fight Breast Cancer with a day of hair-braiding this Sunday.

Loxy's, which has salons, in both Auckland and Wellington, is opening its doors to anyone wanting to get on board, to get their braids done for just $30 as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Creative director Katie Hook, 31, said it was the first time the salon had organised a charity event, but thought it was a good cause to get behind.

"Everyone has been affected by it," she said. "People in our team and even our own clients - everyone can put a face to this horrible disease".


More recently the hairdresser discovered one of her regular clients, a woman in her forties with two young girls, was also facing the disease.

She said in organising the event, her client who'd been coming to her every five weeks for the better part of a year, came to mind.

"It hit me harder than I expected, it was quite awful," she said. "I didn't really expect it, she's a client, but so much of my heart was for her."

Those not wanting to get a braid can also go in and donate or buy a raffle ticket.

All the money is to go to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

To find out more about the event go here:

Braids for boobs
Loxy's Hair Boutique
4 Ponsonby Road
106 Tory Street Wellington
Sunday 11AM to 2PM