An admirer of New Zealand teenager 'Poison Ivy' has livestreamed himself carving his own flesh with a kitchen knife - after she logged into the same webchat session.

The Daily Mail has obtained confronting vision from the UIS of the man carving another woman's name into his arm during a stream among players of an online game.

The man, who Daily Mail chose not to identify, is a follower of Poison Ivy who is accused of humiliating men from online gaming communities.

Earlier in the footage Poison Ivy appears to log into the same streaming session, whereupon the man screams the New Zealand teenager's name in excitement.


"Poison Ivy is in the chat. It's Poison Ivy in the chat, holy s***...," the man can be heard saying, to which a woman replies "yeah". The YouTuber who filmed the vision on streaming site Switch said the viewers were urging the man to self-harm.

"Everyone was egging the guy on. He was taking it way too far, next thing he was taking his clothes off inserting a pen in his an*s," Vexxed told Daily Mail Australia.

Things spiralled further out of control when one of the viewers urged the man to carve another female streamer's initials into his arm.

"He went to the kitchen and brought back a knife. You would expect someone to stop him, but everyone was encouraging him to cut his arm."

A woman can be heard saying "that's so hot" when the man begins bleeding from the knife-wound, while another man is heard bursting into laughter.

Vexxed said he called the police in fear for the man's wellbeing: "He clearly needed help."

Officers soon after attended his house and ended the stream, he said.

The man in the vision has released several other videos declaring his love for the New Zealand teenager.

It is not indicated Poison Ivy was directly urging the man to self-harm.


The footage comes after a man claimed Poison Ivy was grooming unstable men, many of whom burst into tears while begging for forgiveness.

Another YouTuber claimed Poison Ivy reportedly seeks vulnerable men in online gaming communities.

His chilling video shed light on the antics and called for victims to help end them.

Poison Ivy's Twitter account, which has since been suspended, was flooded with 900 images of men around the world declaring their love for her.

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