A healthcare provider has stepped up to offer a place of residence for a severely autistic boy who has been held in prison for the past five days.

In his second court appearance today, the 18-year-old, whose name is suppressed, was told he would be allowed out of jail and would be spending the next 10 days at a residential care facility in Levin.

Community liaison nurse Grahame Stillwell said he had received a phone call from Capital Coast District Health Board after this morning's court appearance, saying they had arranged accommodation for the next 10 days.

A mother's cries for help with her imprisoned autistic teen in 'outrageous situation'


After that NZ Care would accommodate the boy long-term.

Outside court the young man's mother said she was relieved to finally have some help.

"I'm relieved, I'm glad someone finally stepped up.

"I feel good about the place he is going, it is better than where he was."

Judge Gerard Lynch commended the work of Stillwell and said although it had opened him up to some criticism, it was his "sterling" efforts that had helped the young man.

"In my view his attention to the matter has created a positive result for this young man."

He said management of the young man's case had been poor "up until Stillwell's involvement".