More than 3000 junior doctors are back at work in the nation's hospitals, after 48 hours off the job.

Their union is now deciding the next step in the campaign for changes to work rosters.

Advocate Melissa Dobbyn said the strike went smoothly and according to plan.

She says a decision on what happens next would be made after doctors return to work.

Further talks with the district health boards have not been arranged at this stage but DHBs spokeswoman Julie Patterson told Mike Hosking on Newstalk ZB this morning they want to get back into discussions with doctors as soon as possible.

She wants a bit of give and take on both sides.

Patterson says an invitation to talk has been sent to the Resident Doctors Association this morning.


Junior doctors say they have to work 12 consecutive days, with some shifts 16 hours long, which leaves them overtired and is unsafe for patients.

The DHBs say they are willing to give the doctors two days off on week days, but the doctors want to be paid for them, which is effectively a pay rise.

The strike resulted in the postponement of thousand of elective surgeries and outpatient appointments. DHBs now face the task of catching up on the backlog.