Andrew Little has made it.

He has been mentioned in a leaked Wikleaks email - among Hillary Clinton's no less - after less than two years as Labour leader.

Well, he was sort of mentioned. He was actually called Andrew "Liddle."

The innocuous email is from a member of Clinton's staff, Matt Browne, to John Podesta, the chairman of Clinton's campaign for the US presidency.


It is among the latest batch of 1000 emails to be leaked, and which the Clinton camp says were hacked by Russia.

Dated December 3 last year it said: "I wanted to let you know that Andrew Liddle, Leader of NZ Labour Party will be in Washington and New York later this month.

"He is very keen to come and visit the campaign in Brooklyn, and to have the opportunity to discussions you the shared and common challenges progressive leaders in the US and New Zealand face. He will be in New York December 17 and the morning of December 18.

"Please do let me know if you'd have any availability on those dates."

Little told reporters this morning he visited Clinton's campaign headquarters during his trip but he did not meet her.

"I met 300 of her campaign team - a bunch of young people running round with iPads actually."

They told him that if she won the primary, which she did, her staff would increase to 1000 and would take up two more floors of their building in New York.

Little's staff today were quick to point out that he hadn't request a meeting with Clinton, so had not been rebuffed.


They also pointed out that Little isn't the only politician to be given the wrong name - President Barack Obama during his first White House meeting with John Key called him John "Keys."