An injured Waikato man who spent the night in his car after crashing down a 100 metre hill was rescued by a farmer who was feeding calves.

The 55-year-old man hurt his leg and hip when he crashed through a fence and down the hill on Kawhia Rd at 11pm on Friday.

He tried to make his way back up to the road but with his injuries and the wet, steep hill he decided to wait out the night in his car to avoid further trouble.

Local resident Gerry Jackson, who found him on Saturday morning, said he had rolled down a steep part of a gully.


It appeared the man's dog had gone looking for help.

"We saw his dog up at the house, a little foxy."

The farming engineer said he took the dog down to his neighbours who recognised the dog, as it belonged to a family member.

"Then I went down to feed the calves and I heard someone calling my name."

Jackson said he saw the man bashing on the car, who he identified as a local.

"I found him in the vehicle and called the emergency department."

He said the man was "pretty cool about it", but told Jackson he couldn't move his legs or get out.

The Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopter picked the man up from a farm paddock this morning. He told them he lost control due to aquaplaning on road surface water.
Jackson said the car remains in the gully.

"The car's still there now, I said 'don't worry about it for now'."