Warm air flowing from across the Ditch will push temperatures up over the whole country this weekend.

The recent rain, wind and cold will make way for balmy temperatures with some areas struggling to reach double digits this week forecast to hit near 20C, said WeatherWatch head analyst Philip Duncan.

By Monday those same areas may even be in the low to mid 20s and it was Australia we should be thanking, Duncan said.

"The air flow is a return to the ones we saw in August and September - tropical air spilling into Australia's desert, then out over the Tasman Sea towards New Zealand.

"It's short lived but will give a burst of warmer weather starting this Sunday and peaking early next week."


Westerlies likely mean a mild week is on the way for most places - but some may still be a little cooler tonight and Saturday.

And most of the country will be staying dry too, with the West Coast the highest candidate for rain or showers.

A large high will push in from Brisbane to near Cape Reinga in New Zealand, helping encourage a dry week for the North Island and more west to north west winds for the South Island and Wellington region.