Gable Tostee suggested he and Warriena Wright meet up in 2014, their Tinder conversations have revealed, by wooing her with the words, "let's get drunk together, I'm a pornstar after a few drinks".

The murder accused and the New Zealander, who would later plunge to her death from his 14th-storey Gold Coast balcony, matched on the dating application on August 1, 2014, when she was holidaying in Australia.

Join Tristram Clayton as he talks with Investigative Journalist Phil Vine on the Tostee court case.

It took just five messages for him to make his intentions towards the 26-year-old clear.

The Tinder and text conversations between Gable Tostee and Warriena Wright have been tendered to court.


"You look delicious. I want to do dirty things to you," he said.

"That usually work?" Wright responds.

The conversation between them via the app and later their mobile phones have been tendered in evidence in Tostee's Brisbane Supreme Court murder trial and were released on Wednesday.

Tostee has pleaded not guilty to the 26-year-old's murder.

CCTV footage shown to the jury on Wednesday showed the pair awkwardly hugging as they met in Cavill Ave, in the heart of the Surfers Paradise nightclub precinct.

Their Tinder conversation showed Tostee messaged Wright, who was using the pseudonym Cletus Bob, a reference to a character from The Simpsons, on August 1.

Partly referencing the character, he said to her, "Hey you sexy slack jawed yokel".

Source: 9 News Gold Coast. An explosive audio recording played in court that captured Warriena Wright's final hours in Gable Tostee's Gold Coast apartment has revealed the New Zealander was drunk, at times incomprehensible and repeatedly violent towards the man charged with her murder. "I've met some weird people on Tinder," the 30-year-old murder accused is heard to say, as the drunk Wright apparently swings in and out of violent episodes towards him.

But it would be three days before she would respond.


Their conversation then continued over three days, ending on the day they would fatefully meet.

Wright: Lol Hey. Had a few people (think) that's my real name.

Tostee: It is? Gable and Cletus sitting in a tree ...

W: Sounds good. Lol

T: You look delicious. I want to do dirty things to you.

W: That usually work?

T: Haha, not trying to make anything "work", im (sic) just saying. Got a problem with that? :p

W: Lol fair enough. I was just asking :p

T: So, you're down with that then? Can you be a freak in the sheets, Cletes?

W: Lol, probably not. Depends.

T: What does it depend on?

W: What ive (sic) had to drink! Lol

T: Let's get drunk together, I'm a pornstar after a few drinks!

W: Haha thats great.

W: U in gold coast?

T: Yup. You?

W: yeah. Just exploring surfers (Surfers Paradise).

T: Lol. I live in surfers. How long you down for?

W: Till Monday.

T: Let's get together then :) what's your number by the way?

After Wright passes on her number, the couple exchange text messages, arranging to meet in the Cavill Mall, after Wright says to him, "Plz (sic) don't be an old creepy pervy dude".

The conversations, tendered in evidence at the beginning of the trial on Monday, were released on Wednesday after the jury was shown more than 40 minutes of CCTV footage of the pair.

It showed them meeting, walking briefly into a nearby beer garden, before they left, purchased a six-pack of beer at a nearby bottle shop and returned to the Avalon Apartments, where Tostee lived alone on the 14th floor.

Selfies taken on the night of her death show Warriena Wright and Gable Tostee together.
Selfies taken on the night of her death show Warriena Wright and Gable Tostee together.

Warriena Wright with Gable Tostee on the night of her death.

Six images, taken by Tostee that night and tendered in evidence on Tuesday, show the couple apparently laughing and smiling in the apartment and on the balcony from which Wright would plunge to her death about 2am the following morning.

CCTV subsequently showed Tostee leaving his apartment complex, and walking aimlessly around Surfers Paradise for about an hour-and-a-half after Wright fell.

At one point, he stops at a Domino's store and orders pizza, which he ate while sitting on a bench.

On a secret audio recording Tostee made on his mobile phone of Wright in the apartment after they had sex, a drunken Wright can be heard becoming increasingly erratic and aggressive towards him.

However, as the night progresses, Tostee can be heard in the recording refusing to let her leave, and Wright's terrified screams to let her go home are silenced when she is locked on the balcony by him.

Soon after, Wright, who witnesses testified was trying to climb to the balcony below, fell to her death.

Gable Tostee arrives at court earlier this week.
Gable Tostee arrives at court earlier this week.

Later, an audio recording captured Tostee telling his father that things had become violent between the pair and that he had locked her on his balcony.

He told his father, who came to collect him, that he thought the New Zealander had jumped.

There is just one more witness to be called by the Crown before its case concludes on Thursday.

The trial, before Justice John Byrne, continues.