Rotorua's newly re-elected mayor took just one day off work and today is heading into the office early to make a start on planning the next three years for the district.

Mrs Chadwick was re-elected on Saturday, albeit with a reduced majority, but says she has listened to the community and will take that into meetings with her new council.

She said with one senior councillor, committee chairwoman and portfolio leader voted off the council - Janet Wepa - she needed to take stock and fill that gap.

"I'm meeting with deputy mayor Dave [Donaldson] and we'll go through all of those issues and look at the gaps and the opportunities created after the election.


"I'd rather meet with all councillors individually first - as they may have aspirations and more skills to offer - then we will have a much better plan after we have seen the final returns."

She said the council had changed its shape, and along with new members on the Lakes Community Board and the Rural Community Board, she would need to set up new relationships with those members.

"I can't make any promises to anyone at this stage. There will be some changes obviously, so I'd rather hear from all of them one to one.

She said one of the big issues this term would be a rating review and hoped all councillors would be able to work more productively as a team and hoped the issues from her last term would not spill over into this one.

"Rob [Kent] and I have had our issues, but he's now an experienced councillor and he will want to see the district move forward, as all of them will.

"The hard work starts all over again.

"We have had a day to analyse the results and I've only spoken to the ones who were unsuccessful.

"But, front on mind, is I want to confirm our Vision 2030 and there could be some new ideas coming in there, but I still want that long-term vision, but would like to hear the views of everybody."


She said she would then confirm the committee structure and the roles of other councillors with regard to liquor licensing and Resource Management Act committees.

"Then I just want to get going again.

"We still want the portfolios, I think they have been a great mechanism for engagement with the community.

"I knew the opposition and had heard that during the campaign that people felt very empowered to tell me what they thought.

"I think it's a great majority in spite of those issues and there are messages from the others campaigning that I will also take on board.

"But, that's democracy, there was a referendum as those others had said, and democracy has spoken loud and clear and that's been put to bed in my book."

She said the most the challenging and provocative issue - the Te Arawa partnership - was dealt with in her first term.

"That's over and that's secured, but it will be reviewed in the process of time," she said.