Young people and migrants are the least interested sectors of the community in regards to local politics, according to a new survey.

An Auckland Council survey has found young people and those of Asian, Samoan and non-European ethnicity are less likely to vote in the upcoming local body elections.

Only 54 per cent of 18-24-year-olds intended to vote, compared to 96 per cent of those aged 65 years and older.

The length of time spent living in Auckland also affects someone's likelihood to vote, with 77 per cent of people who have lived in Auckland for 10 years or more intending to have their say, compared to only 58 per cent who have lived in the city for less than five years.


Council democracy services manager Marguerite Delbet said political disengagement was a "risk to the future of Auckland".

A "Love Bus" is going on tour around the city to educate young people and new migrants on local politics to enable them to have their say in this year's election.

Voting instructions have been published in 12 languages, and a video using New Zealand Sign Language has also been produced.

English as a Second Language sessions have also been held at libraries with support from interpreters speaking Mandarin, Hindi, Gujurati, Korean and Samoan.

Election dates

September 16-21

Voting documents in the mail and postal voting opens

October 5
Last day to post voting documents to meet deadline

Noon October 8
Voting closes

If you miss the last posting date, go to your nearest library and place your vote in a ballot box before noon, October 8

If you are not enrolled you can cast a special vote: contact the Electoral Office on (09) 973 5212 or 0800 922 822, or email