Barriers have been installed in Sumner to stop Pokemon Go players driving up onto the footpath to play the popular game.

Since July, residents had been complaining of people driving their vehicles up onto the pavement next to Beach Bar on the Esplanade and illegally parking to catch Pokemon.

Residents said it was endangering the pedestrians there.

Because the problem had escalated, the city council installed permanent steel barriers last week.


City councillor Paul Lonsdale said people would drive onto the pavement so they could play the game while they sat in the car.

"It was quite extreme."

He said the city council installed temporary plastic water-filled bollards to prevent cars from being able to go onto the pavement.

However, people had been driving through them and knocking them over.

He said about six people contacted him about the problem, saying it was dangerous for pedestrians.

"They [drivers] were so busy on their phone while driving, they wouldn't see where they were going."

One of the new barriers can be dropped for service vehicles to get through, but needed a key to be able to do so.

Sumner Beach is known as a hot spot to catch rare Pokemon.