Hawke's Bay police are preparing for the worst as car enthusiasts from around the country gather in the area this weekend.

Police were made aware of the meeting via social media and Eastern District Road Policing Manager, Inspector Matt Broderick, said they had no issues with them gathering safely but officers wanted to have precautions in place.

"Unfortunately past experience has shown that these events often result in a number of offences that put other innocent road users at risk," Mr Broderick said.

"They often included high speed and unsafe driving, illegal racing, impaired driving and unsafe modified vehicles that should not be on the road."


There would be a high visual police presence to ensure drivers and their vehicles would be safe on the roads.

"We will be checking that vehicles are roadworthy, that drivers have the appropriate licenses and people are not driving dangerously or while impaired by drugs or alcohol," Mr Broderick said.

He said they would also work to ensure the rest of the community was not impacted by any potential illegal street racing activity.

They hoped for a trouble free weekend on the regions roads and hoped the influx of vehicles from people across the North Island would not hinder this.