A member of the public has donated $1000 to a young Thai couple whose food caravan was stolen and later recovered.

A man has also appeared in court accused of the theft, which has left Chanidsara 'Eve' Supra-At Taku, 30, and Gritsaru 'Ize' Janshinorat, 29, about $2500 out of pocket due to damage and further thefts of items in the caravan.

Eve and Ize sunk their life savings into the caravan, which they ran in Massey. They sold chicken and pork buns and dumplings, investing about $25,000 into the business.

When the caravan was stolen recently, the couple turned to social media to spread the word, and someone who saw a shared Facebook post spotted the caravan on his drive home and reported it.


A 40-year-old man appeared in the Waitakere District Court on Monday charged with theft of a motor vehicle in relation to the caravan, police spokeswoman Kim Chambers said.

He will reappear on September 26.

Ize was overjoyed at the $1000 donation on Tuesday.

"I just got it, like, half an hour ago," he said.

"I can't believe it how people, just from the news and radio, just help me, like, for nothing."

Items stolen from the caravan included the $700 power generator, pork buns, soft drinks, and foil, and there was damage done as well.

But the donation made a welcome dent in the $2500 bill.

"I'm just happy, you know? I'm thankful . . . I'm happy to live in this country."

Ize has already started up the food truck again and has received sympathy from customers.

"Thank you for everything, thank you for everyone who support me," he said.

"This is life, just enjoy."