Vets are urging owners to keep their dogs away from poison after two fell sick in Auckland over the past week.

Veterinary Specialist Group founder Dr Mark Robson said common poisons for dogs included slug pellets, anti-freeze, marijuana, human medicines, and grapes and raisins that could cause an unpredictable kidney toxicity. He said the pets were attracted to poisons and they could smell them from far away.

"It's the time of year when people start to think about their gardens so this is a common occurrence unfortunately.

"Keeping your dog on your property is the only way to stay safe."


He said using dog-safe slug bait containers could decrease the risk of poisoning.

Robson said if you suspected your dog had eaten poison, get them to a vet immediately. Most cases could be rescued but it was much harder once the dog started to have fits.

"Your dog may look shaky and restless and be acting really strangely.

"This will then progress to uncontrollable whole-body tremors and then to seizures which will start within 20-90 minutes of the dog eating the bait.

"Whatever happens, if you suspect your dog has ingested something toxic or poisonous,
seek medical attention immediately."