Hundreds of people had their blood types tested and signed up to become donors for the New Zealand Blood Service at a 'What's My Type' event at NZME Central.

NZME, publishers of The New Zealand Herald, invited employees to find out their blood types and donate to the cause.

ZM's Fletch and Vaughan were among those who took part. "I've never given blood, but I always wanted to know what blood type I am. I'm not very good with needles," Fletch said.

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"I always stab myself reaching into the dishwasher on forks and things, but a surprise prick is different, that's okay. It's when you know it's coming that creates a bit of suspense."

The free biscuits and juice also appealed as a "bonus", Fletch said.

Vaughan has given blood before and is A positive, although the frequency of his donations had lapsed lately.

Your explanation of blood donation.

"I haven't done it for a while... to be honest it's not something I think about all the time, but it's a good reason to sign up now. My brother-in-law gives blood all the time, he does it almost competitively."

He said an app which tells you when your donated blood has been used was a great idea.

"That way you know you're helping people. It's also good to know it hasn't been tipped down the sink or anything because it's been sitting there for too long."

16 Aug, 2016 8:17am
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The event saw 118 people from NZME's central Auckland office sign up to become donors.

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