Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse has taken a no nonsense approach to dealing with a "redneck" on his Facebook page.

In response to a post on the Dunedin-based MP's Facebook page about a recent conference on immigration, Mark Lambert posted the comment: "Here's a question n answer in one, when are we going to get tough n say no more immigrants? And if yr answer is why then you need to go to specsavers, then remove yr self from my page .... [sic]".

Mr Woodhouse snapped back, pointing out Mr Lambert had in fact posted on his Facebook page.

"I think you'll find you're on my page you redneck," he replied.


Undeterred, Mr Lambert, who appeared to be a UK resident, attempted a more abusive approach in making his point, saying "F*** you hope I get to meet you real soon f***ing melt.. [sic]".

The cabinet minister responded again only minutes later, saying an encounter was doubtful.

"Mark Lambert, unlikely, NZ has a strict no dickheads rule."

Mr Woodhouse's blunt response drew praise from fellow Facebook users, with dozens liking the comments and one saying "brilliant banter".