A teenager has been taken to hospital after suffering burns while trying to start a fire using petrol.

Fire and ambulance crews were called to Main St, Oxford, in Canterbury late this afternoon after reports a person had been burned in what was initially thought to be a house fire.

A southern fire communications spokesman said: "The occupant of the property had been trying to light their fire - and unfortunately used an accelerant to do so."

The incident happened shortly before 5pm.


The teenager, whose exact age was not available, suffered burns to one of his hands and a leg. The severity of his injuries was not known, but was definitely "not life-threatening," the spokesman said.

It is understood the teen had been trying to build a fire in the backyard at the time. He was taken to Christchurch Hospital for treatment.

The Fire Service said the incident showed the importance of not using any kind of accelerant when trying to start a fire.