The Herald is on a mission to take the pulse of the nation.

The current flag got a tick from the people of New Zealand, but the referendum triggered an unprecedented debate about our sense of national identity and how we're seen on the world stage.

What better time to saddle up a campervan and visit every corner of our amazing country. How do we feel about ourselves? What are our hopes? Our fears? Do we like our national character? What could we do better? What should we celebrate?

Who We Are: Being Kiwi in 2016 is a major new series.

We'll meet dozens of Kiwis and tell their stories using innovative digital techniques. We'll showcase the towns and countryside where they live. We'll investigate the themes that unite - and sometimes divide - us. And we'll build a unique snapshot of how you view New Zealand.

Who We Are starts on Monday, July 18. Online, on apps and in print.