A search is underway for a person missing in Te Mata Park, changes to Rotorua's recycling centre have left some residents confused. These are just two of the stories making headlines around the regions today.

Emergency services are scouring Te Mata Park after a report of a loud crash similar to the sound of a tree falling, followed by a cry for help.

Changes to Rotorua's recycling centre have left some users shocked and confused, however the council says the recent changes - which include all plastics going in one bin, a no to polystyrene and charges for some electronic items - are for the better.

The Pokémon craze gripping the Bay has so far not resulted in any casualties but it is turning educational campuses into battlefields.


Nina Griffiths' passion for investigating ways business can be developed in recognition of environmental, cultural and social values has won her an overseas adventure.

Hoons tearing up the turf of a newly-upgraded park in Masterton have been avoiding police for months, using river trails for their escape.