Police have cleared a residential property in Dundale Avenue, Blockhouse Bay after reports of a man entering the house with what was thought to be a gun under his shirt.

Police went to the scene at around 10am this morning, after receiving a tip off.

The man was not inside the house and enquiries to locate a person of interest are ongoing. Armed police remain at scene of a incident in the Auckland suburb of Blockhouse Bay.

Police responded late this morning to reports a man had been seen going into a Dundale St home with what a appeared to be a gun under his jacket.


Half a dozen police cars, including the dog squad are at the scene in the quiet residential street.

Several police officers remain outside a property at the end of a long driveway.

A neighbour, who did not want to be named, returned home from work to discover he could not get into his home.

It is immediately next to the house a which police are outside.

"My wife is inside with our one- year-old granddaughter. She called to say there's police all around and she's not too sure what's happening. There's quite a few police with guns there."

Police would not allow him to return home so he was waiting on the street.

"The officer said it's safer to stay outside."

He wasn't concerned for his family - in their last conversation his wife said she was about to give their granddaughter a bath.


"My wife's very sensible. I know she won't do anything silly."

The neighbour said the occupants of the house were tenants and had moved in about a month ago.