Thanks to an innovative new map, cyclists can now plan their journeys across the city as if they're catching the London tube.

The map coincides with a renewed push to get Aucklanders on their bikes and boost patronage on the city's growing cycle network.

Auckland Transport's cycling and walking manager, Kathryn King, said they'd seen "huge growth" in the numbers of people using their bikes to get around, in part thanks to the popularity of the pink Lightpath.

However, in its latest performance report, Auckland Transport showed it was lagging behind its patronage targets by about 100,000 trips.


"Local research tells us that, a large number of Aucklanders would commute into the city by bike if there were more protected cycleways. This programme of improvements will be transformational for Auckland's transport network," Ms King said in a statement.

The new push, dubbed "It's all go", includes the simplified map and a commercial featuring young professionals on bright bikes with coloured smoke pouring out behind them.

Ms King said the objective was to let Aucklanders know about the city's new and proposed cycle routes - Auckland Transport, the Government and other partners are spending $200 million on building 52km of new cycleways by the end of 2018.

"We are opening Quay St Cycleway on 8 July and later in the year we will be opening cycle routes in Mt Roskill and Mangere. In the coming months we will be seeking feedback from the public on a number of cycle projects including improvements on Ian McKinnon Dr, Great North Rd and Karangahape Rd."

Upcoming cycle projects in Auckland:

• Quay St Cycleway opening Friday 8 July
• Mangere Future Streets opening late September
• Mt Roskill Safe Routes section one opening late September
• Ian McKinnon Dr Cycleway public consultation starts early July
• Karangahape Rd Streetscape Enhancement and Cycleway public consultation by August.
• Great North Rd Cycleway public consultation by the end of 2016.

Cycling in Auckland by numbers:

• 750 average cycle trips per day on pink Lightpath since it opened December
• A doubling of the number of people cycling into the city over three years.
• 50% increase in people cycling in Symonds St/Grafton Gully corridor following opening of Grafton Gully Cycleway in 2014
• 47% increase in people cycling on Northwestern Cycleway in May 2016 compared with May 2015.